One priority for Jamii is to support projects that build power in communities impacted by poverty and to unify and uplift the lives of Afro-Latinos, African-Americans, Afro-Caribbeans, continental Africans and other black people across the globe. This featured project does all of that - and more!

Afro-Bilingüe is a component of a community economic development initiative for Afro-Colombians that emphasizes foreign language acquisition within five sectors: (1) education (2) workforce development, (3) health, (4) community engagement, and (5) visibility. The foreign-language curriculum will celebrate Afro-Latin@ heritage and allow participants to build international Pan-African connections within a culturally responsive space for language learning.

Jamii is serving the lead organizations Comunidades Negras Angela Davis  and FUNDABAS  to support with fundraising, curriculum development, as well as project design and implementation.

Are you interested in learning Spanish and/or teaching English in a context that celebrates the heritage of African descendants?

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