Chinue Clifford

Administrative Specialist

Chinue Clifford
Black English (AAVE/BVE), English
the place(s) I call home
United States
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Chinue Clifford serves as the Administrative Specialist for Jamii Linguists. Her experience encapsulates a diverse background that includes dance, writing, teaching English, administration and program management. As a dancer, she performs, teaches and choreographs professionally and educates groups of all ages in the arts of dance.  As a writer, she has created and edited company copy, articles and other material.

Chinue (pronounced like hair SHEEN, which WAY did it go- Sheenway) brings her writing, teaching and arts background to all of her work. She has leveraged her experience to work as administrative director, program director and department director for several non-profits and community entities, including most recently the YMCA.

Her favorite thing about her work with Jamii is the chance to meet and engage with so many different cultural experiences within the African diaspora and beyond.

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