Translation Services

Whether you need a one-time translation or ongoing translation support, our linguists can deliver translations in more than 18 languages.  Our services include, but are not limited to:

Document Translation |  Websites  |  Subtitles  |  Voice-Overs  | Transcreation 

Our monthly service plans work best for any one of the following:
  • businesses launching multilingual marketing campaigns
  • medical or legal service providers in need of specialized translations
  • organizations with bilingual employees who are overloaded with requests for translations
  • organizations needing to create/maintain multilingual social media accounts
  • non-profit organizations that need to make a connection with multilingual communities
  • schools that need to communicate with a multilingual population of children and families

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Other Services

Professional Writing Services

We serve as content creators for English language writing projects, as well as for multilingual projects. (e.g.,  ghostwriting for authors, professional writing for business needs, etc.)

Multilingual Consulting

consulting for multilingual marketing,
community outreach, fundraising,
project management & program design/implementation

Workshops & Professional Development

for community leaders, educators, executive teams, and staff to build professional skill sets, cultural competencies, and multilingual capacity

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Jamii Language Bootcamp

*limitations apply


Have you always wanted to learn a second language?  If so, don't miss this opportunity!

With so many language learning programs and resources, it's hard for a new language learner to know where to begin.  That's why we're launching the Jamii Language Bootcamps™program designed to help you reach your language goals in less than one year.  As a member of the pilot program you will be able to take advantage of  free registration and receive discounted enrollment options.

With Jamii, you can ... Be You In More Than One Language!   

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