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If you need translation, interpretation, and ongoing support as you build your multilingual community, we’re available to co-create a custom experience with you.

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If you don’t know exactly what your organization or project needs, that’s cool! Book a call with our team and we’ll explore your goals, identify your needs, and make a game plan.

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Our custom services come with perks! You get translations with quicker turnaround time, no rush fees, additional language options, custom payment plans, and more!

Need live interpretation beyond the 6 core languages? Voiceovers? Video transcription in multiple languages? Want ongoing translation services for recurring needs? Language justice workshops? Not sure what you need? Book a call to co-create a custom experience!

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The Jamii Fam!

"responsive, always open to incorporating feedback, patient as we navigate this new global project"

- Maylott, Manager of Movement Building | Black Feminist Future

"Attention to detail, clear follow-up and addressed issues raised promptly. Jamila was attentive and available to address our concerns and work with us. It was great working with her."

- Maite, Coordinator, Global Alliance for Green and Gender Action (GAGGA)

"I was a bit skeptical on whether or not I’d be able to see any noticeable improvement on my spanish in just 30 days, but I’ll be damned, I have! Gracias a todos!"

- Oprah Davidson

"My goal is fluency in ASL in my work as a supervisor. This workshop helped me in that goal.  Looking forward to more!"

- Debra J. East

"you are a gem and good at what you do...are doing. Let me just say dos importante words. Thank You."

- Kim Wright

We trust their teams translation and on top of that it has been approved by our in-house Spanish reps

- Medical Center. MD, USA

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