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Why Jamii?

As a purpose-driven social enterprise, Jamii helps organizations create impactful multilingual spaces based on principles of language justice and multilingual community building. We do this by supporting organizations working in social justice movements for LGBTQIA+ and immigrant rights, racial, economic and environmental justice, anti-violence, gender and educational equity, healthcare, and more!

We're a people-first, mission-second, and profit-third kind of organization. A central focus of our work includes promoting language learning in Black-centered spaces. We also prioritize bridging language barriers between Black US-born folx, Afro-Latines, Africans, Afro-Caribbeans, and other people of African descent via our flagship program, Language & Diaspora.


Our big vision is to create a multilingual, transnational community of Black, Pan-African and pro-Black people unified for collective liberation.

(What We Believe)

  • The diversity of language is a resource for resistance - not an obstacle!
  • ALL Black Lives Matter. Period!
  • Language learning is not a luxury for freedom fighting - it’s a necessity!
  • You can’t truly promote liberation, equity, or justice without also being pro-Black.
  • Blackness is a powerful unifying identity and no matter your race, creed, color, or native-language…if you’re for pro-Black solidarity, we are calling you into community
  • Black people from ALL walks of life must engage in complex conversations to facilitate unifying our Global Black family on local, national, and international levels - and that cain’t happen in one language!

Our 2023 Impact Goals

Invest $125K in paying and supporting Black and Pro-Black businesses and organizations

Donate $20K worth of interpreting, translation and language justice consulting services to movement organizations that support communities of the Black and African Diaspora

Provide $30K worth of support to help 60 BBIPOC and/or Queer-identifying individuals access free or discounted language learning and/or simultaneous interpreting training 

Support 5 LGBTQIA+ affirming organizations on the African continent (directly or through movement partners) with multilingual workshops and activities that facilitate inclusive transnational coalition building between people in Africa and in the African Diaspora

Read Our 2020 - 2021 Impact Report
Jamila Craig | Founder of Jamii Linguists

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