Meet The Jamii Fam

Not to brag, but we did THAT.

We’re proud to present The Jamii Fam, our community of high-impact clients who are creating massive change at home—and across the globe. Learn about their experiences collaborating with Jamii.

Video Closed Captions/Subtitles (CC) Available In English and Spanish

“The Jamii Linguists team was crucial in us thinking through how to make the summit more accessible…”

-Dana Fletcher

“It’s a beautiful way to be immersed in folks who look like you...look like us.”

-Violeta Donawa

“I think the greatest benefit that I got from being in the Spanish program was the community, it was just so welcoming! ...It helped keep me consistent.”

-Renee Jelyse

“We have a community and we laugh! It's a way to socially acquire the language ...and we show up for each other in life and also with the language!”

-Kimberly Tinsley

"responsive, always open to incorporating feedback, patient as we navigate this new global project"

- Maylott, Manager of Movement Building | Black Feminist Future

"Attention to detail, clear follow-up and addressed issues raised promptly. Jamila was attentive and available to address our concerns and work with us. It was great working with her."

- Maite, Coordinator, Global Alliance for Green and Gender Action (GAGGA)

"you are a gem and good at what you do...are doing. Let me just say dos importante words. Thank You."

- Kim Wright

"Thanks so much for everything, you've been a life saver"

- Medical Services Provider (70+ locations USA)

"they're very professional and have a quick turnaround"

- Retail Business, London UK

"The final report was well received bt our board. It has truly been a pleasure"

- Education Non-profit, Washington D.C

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