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The #TranslateTheMovement campaign is powered by Jamii. We are a 100% Black-lesbian-owned social enterprise committed to empowering people to create radical change—in any language necessary!

This campaign is part of our mission to shift the one-language-fits-all approach to building movements for social justice while centering the needs of people of African descent.  (See our 2020 - 2021 Impact Report)

The liberation of ALL Black people EVERYWHERE will require more than one language. PERIODT!

These funds will allow us to:

1. Provide freedom fighters with free and low-cost interpreting, translation, language learning, and other language services to support their events, programs, services, or organizing campaigns, and

2. Provide scholarships to a 3.5-Month Simultaneous Interpreting Clinic exclusively designed to build the capacity of multilingual BBIPOC, Queer, Trans, and gender-expansive folx to serve as professional simultaneous interpreters for movement work! Interpreters serve as the voice of many movements! Let’s make sure those voices represent us well.

3. Make our annual impact goals a reality

When we provide services at low (or no) cost …our linguists are still getting paid a thriving wage with donations from the #TranslateTheMovement campaign. Services and resources will be distributed on the basis of need and availability of funds. For any questions or inquiries, reach us at

Support #TranslateTheMovement today! Every donation, big or small, is appreciated.