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The Conversation Club

What’s Included?

Monthly Office Hours & Group Check In
Membership in Private Facebook Group
resources to learn spanish, french, portuguese, and english.

Your language partners are waiting! 😙

Practice your language skills in pro-Black, pro-LGBTQ+, pro-justice multilingual spaces with amazing vibes and even more amazing people! Feel free to practice French, Portuguese, or Spanish. 

Join the Conversation Club and discover what it feels like to learn a language in an open, fun and supportive community that celebrates the cultures and contributions of people of African descent.

We get these a lot👇🏾

Is this only for Black people?

No. It is for anyone interested in learning a language and deepening their connection to and with people of African descent. That being said, we do promote language learning from a Black-centric perspective. We're founded on the belief that Blackness is a unifying identity, and we work to amplify the voices of ALL Black, indigenous, people of color by promoting multilingual communication and connection. But, of course, if you're uncomfortable being in a space that centers Blackness. This is DEFINITELY not the program for you.  Ain't nobody got time for that.

Is Language & Diaspora a non-profit initiative?

No, Language & Diaspora is the flagship program of Jamii Linguists, LLC, a for-purpose social enterprise dedicated to helping people create change in more than one language.

Our programs include for-profit, low-profit, and non-profit activities. As a Black-owned, woman-owned, LGBTQ-owned small business that is impact-focused and dedicated to showing up for people of African descent, we need aaaall the resources possible to sustain our efforts. Thank you in advance for your support. We appreciate you so much and we will work hard to deliver on our promise to you.

Are these the only languages you offer?

Yes, currently we only offer English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese in the Conversation Club. BUT, we're actively working to begin adding new languages. What's better! If you're already in the community, you'll get access to any new languages that we add to the community at no additional cost to you! Your monthly membership fee won't change as long as you are a current member.

Are all your programs virtual?

Yes, currently all of our programs and services are virtual.  However, #TeamJamii does travel to host workshops and trainings across the US and internationally.  We also host language events for people in the Washington DC area. If you're interested in organizing an in-person workshop, program or event with Language & Diaspora, click here to schedule an appointment to speak #TeamJamii

What's the program schedule?

The Club is purposefully designed to be flexible for a variety of schedules. That being said, there are a few events that will have a set schedule:

- Monthly office hours & group accountability sessions every 2nd Tuesday @ 5 pm EST
- Spanish/English Language Exchanges every Wednesday @ 6:30 pm EST
- Weekly Spanish Classes (Tues @ 6:30 pm EST, Friday @ 5:30 pm EST, and Saturday @ 12 pm EST)
- Conversation Sessions (English, Portuguese, and French) every Friday @ 2 pm EST

How much time do I need to commit to the program? (For Language Intensives ONLY)

There will be weekly and biweekly events, including:
- A coaching call (90 minutes)
- A language exchange with native speakers (90 minutes)

Other than that, you set your schedule for online classes and other activities in your daily routine. Based on your schedule you may decide that some days will be less and some days will be more. But, we recommend entering with the intention to dedicate at least 1 hour per day towards your journey.  It is - an intensive!

Our recommended daily time commitment is based on the following checklist for each month in the program:

• Participate in at least 12 online classes
• Participate in 4 private one-on-one classes
• Engage in an average of 10 minutes of daily real-world conversation
• Attend at least 2 language exchanges
• Participate in at least 2 coaching sessions (LIVE, not the replay)
• Do any weekly homework assignments from coaching sessions​

Total minimum commitment  =  31 hrs/month or 7.75 hrs/wk

The Conversation Club is designed to address one of the most common issues language learners face ..."I don't have anyone to practice with!" We're not leaving you to do this solo! Nah. We believe that language learning is best done in community. The focus is CONVERSATION. But, you will receive a variety of supports. We often offer additional events, language classes, and activities based on member participation and requests.

However, language classes are sometimes offered even though they are not part of the core monthly events and activities. For those focused on taking classes, we suggest the Language Intensives. They include conversation practice, coaching, and a minimum of 3 language classes per week for folks interested in fast-tracking their language journey with an intensive program that requires a commitment of AT LEAST 5 - 7 hours per week!)

How much does the program cost?

The Conversation Club is $97/month. To learn the cost of an upcoming Language Intensive for French, Spanish, or Portuguese - CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE A CONNECTION CALL.

The Jamii Fam!

"responsive, always open to incorporating feedback, patient as we navigate this new global project"

- Maylott, Manager of Movement Building | Black Feminist Future

"Attention to detail, clear follow-up and addressed issues raised promptly. Jamila was attentive and available to address our concerns and work with us. It was great working with her."

- Maite, Coordinator, Global Alliance for Green and Gender Action (GAGGA)

"I was a bit skeptical on whether or not I’d be able to see any noticeable improvement on my spanish in just 30 days, but I’ll be damned, I have! Gracias a todos!"

- Oprah Davidson

"My goal is fluency in ASL in my work as a supervisor. This workshop helped me in that goal.  Looking forward to more!"

- Debra J. East

"you are a gem and good at what you do...are doing. Let me just say dos importante words. Thank You."

- Kim Wright

We trust their teams translation and on top of that it has been approved by our in-house Spanish reps

- Medical Center. MD, USA

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